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Coyote 1Coyote 3Coyote Howl 1 det WWICoyote Howl 2 det WWICoyote pounce - 4Coyote pounce 2Coyote Pounce 5wardCoyote Pounce 6Coyote Reward 7Fox cub 1 det WWIFox cub 1 det WWI c 40mbFox cub 3 det WWIFox cubs 3 det WWIFox cubs 6 det WWI light bestFox Den 1 det WWI c -+Fox kits 1Fox kits 1 det c WWI - CopyFox kits 2Fox kits 2 det WWI - Mama, Our Heart and Soul and Inspiration - CopyFox kits 3